Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snowy sunday

Dunno why but I always seem to wake up at 2 a.m., tossed and turned for a while then gave in, went and made a cup of tea and... it was snowing! There was a big, thick layer of snow on my car :-)) Then this morning... it had all gone :-( We had brilliant sunshine but with a biting, very biting, north wind - as I can testify as I went for a walk. I was one of just a few brave (foolish, depending on you POV) to head out along the beach. Mind you there were two very stupid people who had ignored the soft sand warnings and walked onto a part of the beach that is not safe, plus the tide was incoming - they were a pair of idiots, the warning signs are very clear. We also get some really nasty riptides as well.

It was, cos of the biting wind, a shortish walk, just an hour. Think I'll have to invest in some decent walking gear. Was happy to get home and enjoy a nice hot cuppa.

I'm back in scrapbooking mode, so following the boys, it seemed only fair to choose a pic of my two nieces, with friend. The original had some stains on it, so had to do a bit of magic photoshopping... luckily printer had enough ink to print the photo. Tho think there is still a lot more ink in cartridges. Just chose a flowery paper, sort of cut a scalloped blob to mat the photo, but then photo didn't 'stand' out, sooooo, bit of rummaging, yeah - ribbon! So made a frame for photo with ribbon, used the cropadile to punch thru some butterfly eyelets. Then used some of the sticky bubble gems from LGC to add centres to the flowers on the paper... was going to do the lettering using the robo, but thought it looked better with smaller lettering.

Started a second page, but only got as far as half making the layout and cropping the photo - still needs lots of work.

Watched the olympic torch being hurried thru London... I'm on the side of the protesters, tho any protest should be peaceful. China should never have been awarded the games. I just think it is time the games was allocated a permanent base, that way they can never be hijacked again by any country. Give it back to Greece, let all countries pay for the upkeep of the venues - then it goes back to being non political. That's my two pennies worth!

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