Wednesday, 16 April 2008

And the wheel has turned

Well feel much more upbeat, think the anti stress tabs have well and truly kicked in, the St Johns Wort is also working as I don't feel as down in my moods.

Work is a bit better, boss is in upbeat mood, so that always helps. Tho had to laugh today as we did what she hates us doing: we thought for ourselves and were ahead of her when she came back from her meeting. But it was check mate to us, as we'd done what she said she wanted us to be doing (but doesn't really - if you get my drift, as she is a bit of a control freak). And this morning it was really nice, no boss, three of us senior types and one junior and one work experience lad (who is really nice but is also very, very shy and hard work to get him to talk). So I trotted away at 1pm in a very happy mood, only one more week left of this stupid rota and back to my old one, tho I'll miss not being able to watch the Bibster on Tuesdays... but will be a relief to get back to my old routine.

Got home to find my prize for the LMC challenge had arrived. Felt like it was Christmas finding a large parcel, okay a large jiffy bag! Not sure if it was intentional, but there was a definite scrapbooking theme to it... which was perfick as I am a scrapaholic. I did think - ooer, oriental, not my thing really, but the papers are gorgeous and will be used up. The paper stash was getting a bit on the thin side. The surprise, tho guess it wasn't meant to be, was the journalling stamps - how did they know I wanted to start journalling on my scrap pages? And some gorgeous buttons, which I frankly don't want to use, they are so nice. Think they will just have to grace a very special scrap page.

Also fell to temptation yesterday, was watching Bibster, looking at all the stuff and thinking, nope don't want that, or that, nor that, and then: I WANT THAT! She was showing something I'd not seen, a scrapbooking template, you basically lay it on your page and design your layout. I had the 'puter on, so I put item in my basket, to have dwell, then thought: sod it, and clicked on express check out. I'd like to say it was now winging its way to me, but it will be slowly, very slowly flapping its way to me, that is in spite of being in spitting distance of the QVC warehouse! Can't figure this out, I live less than 20 mins away from their warehouse, so how long does it take QVC to get my stuff to me.... ten days! Honest they must strap it to a slow snail. And may have to give postie lessons in how to use door intercom... the thing seems to have baffled him, twice now he's not bothered to use it, so he has stuck those nasty cards thru door (meaning I have to now schlep up to the new sorting office 3 miles away). Luckily yesterday and today my neighbour was around, so he stopped postie and said he'd take my parcels.

Now I'd like to thank Gordon Brown, for making me poorer by ten quid every month. What a good idea it was to stop the 10p tax band, thus ensuring that those earning a low wage get even less, while the rich get more. Brilliant. As a single person, with no children, and working less that 30 hours a week (my chronic back condition prevents me working full time) I do not qualify for those tax credits.

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