Sunday, 27 April 2008

Oh happy day!

There is nothing better than it being the day after a visit to a craft fair.... and not knowing where to start! But the masquerade card was just too tempting to ignore. Was a bit worried as I had to use glitter, and me and glitter don't usually get on. But followed instructions religiously, and remembered a few rules about applying glitter with pva, I watered down the glue a little, and used a soft brush to make sure the glue went were it was meant to go. Waited till it was just tacky, sprinkled on, crossed fingers, asked for divine help and then shook off excess - Yeeha! It worked! Next tricky bit was the pull bow ribbon, not used it before, got hold of bits I was meant to hold and pulled, yeahhh a bow! Feathers were the tricky bit, first making sure they were in the right place, and also trying to brush aside feather from sticky pads.... needed an extra pair of hands! Stuck rest of bits down, used silicon glue, made it easier to position things... but was chuffed with result. Sadly my mum wasn't, she admired the work, but didn't like the cards... too fussy. Felt a bit deflated. Now it is a case of whether I can bear to part with them... one is intended for my niece, think she will like it, she can be a bit of a drama queen. Other is for a friend.

Had a bash at the punched circle, not sure I have the right sort of punch, a bit too plain, a fancier one would probably do a better job. Just used a piece of paper as a practice piece, cut out circle, then began punching, wasn't sure with the punch I used where exactly to line it up, so did a bit of guess work, was just fractionally out. But not bad for a first effort. Not sure why you would need the other bits and pieces he was trying to sell, he certainly didn't use any of them in the two demos I saw.

Just one gripe about yesterday, saw lots of card making demos, but not ONE scrapbooking demo! Would love to see some more scrapbooking stuff at a show, and some demonstrations.

Also started a scrapbook layout using the templates again, but not quite finished, my rumbling tummy got better of me, then mum needed help filling in the mountain of forms for her hospital stay.

Ahhhhhhh - sound of a contented crafter!

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