Sunday, 20 April 2008

lazeeee day

In fact far too lazy! Couldn't even be bothered to go for a walk. The weather is dull and grey, and very uninspiring.

As usual I am on a 'dash' to get cards for birthdays finished, well the cards are finished, they just need the verses put inside. Well they are all male cards... and men are difficult to make cards for! That's my excuse. Will go fishing for verses soon.

In meantime I was determined to get something made. Did have a bash at making a card for my niece... I did buy some dufex decoupage, big mistake as it is far too fiddly! So gave up. Moved on to scrapbooking. Found a nice photo of my two nephews with their paternal grandfather, or gramps as they call him. A friend on another group had mentioned she'd been sketching layouts... hmmm I thought, should I? Nope. Bad idea, I'd only ditch the sketch and go with the flow. Each time I scrap a photo I never know what it will look like till the end. I start with the photo, don't want it to be overshadowed by the scrapping element, my aim is to enhance it and hopefully capture something about it. I know the boys both love their gramps, he is a very important figure in their lives. I used the grandparents scrap kit I got from QVC. Took a piece of the stripey paper, then had the idea of cutting out a square in the middle, used some dark blue card underneath, with the left over bits I cut out a frame to go round the photo, wanted it to be rustic. Still didn't look quite right, so got some of the wordy paper, cut a square of that to go in middle of cut out, put photo on top, yep getting there... took the rest of the left over bits and made some corners - then added a few words! Done, well maybe not, needs a bit of journalling.

I'll have to go raid my sister and brother's houses for more photos... need to scrap! Can't believe that I now have two complete albums, and one almost full, and another just started. Was going to do one for my neice, but her photos are frankly uninspiring, going to have to get her to hand over her NY photos - they should get the juices going!

Wondering also whether it is worth investing in a negative processor, got lots of photos, but they've not faired well over the years, but the negatives are fine. Mmmm, summat to ponder.

Just a word on CSI NY - am feeling a bit frustrated by the series.... twice they've had really good story threads, first the 3.33 with Mac, which came to a very lame end... next Suspect X, a cracking storyline and one they should have kept picking up thru the series, so what do they do? Bring it to an end... why, it was soooo good, almost as good as the miniature killer, once again the end was lame. Mac is in danger of turning into Horatio... nooooooooo. Grissom still rules!

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