Saturday, 5 April 2008

Me, myself and I - part 4

Ah the weekend... a snooze in, peek out of window, sun is shining. Some silly newsreporter on News 24 is being all wimpish and moaning about how cold it is at Aintree - what a jessie! Wasn't cold, just fresh....

Felt it time to do something about my stress... wanted some St John's wort, couldn't find any so got some 'stressless' tablets from Boots. They seem to be working as I felt in a much cheerier mood by lunchtime. I've been feeling so fed up that I've not even felt like crafting.

Got call from QVC, they were having trouble processing my order, seems my new card wasn't been accepted by their site, even tho I'd altered the details. Funny cos I'd just been to Boots and used card, then to ATM... they all accepted it. But at least they called me and so I could sort out problem. That's two nice customer care events in one week!

Decided to do some scrapbooking. Had a good rummage thru the photo tin and found some lovely photos, including the above - my sister's two boys. Decided to pick up on the colours of the climbing frame, and kept it simple, used a plain blue 12x12 piece of card, then used my tearing ruler to cut some wavy strips, then used the colourful chipboard letters to make A Boy Thing... added the star and apple. That was enough, felt any more would just be OTT. That was another cheer up!

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