Friday, 18 April 2008

A lazeeeee day

Was far too snuggly in bed this morning, kept on thinking: just another five minutes... finally dragged myself out of bed at 9.30, very decadent! Well for me anyway. Had no intention of doing anything like shopping or cleaning... wanted it to be an indulgent day, and so it was.

First I tackled the old barnet, grey bits were showing thru so time to chuck some more dye on it. My hairdresser told me to use a lighter dye, so I get medium ash blonde, which in turn gives me streaks as it turns the grey bits a nice blonde!

A spot of lunch and then, something I've been promising myself I'd do for a few weeks, scrap the cats! Two members of the CB forum posted lovely pics of their cats, so I kind of er, 'obtained' the photos... well they were soooo adorable, especially the kitten (Maggie D), I just couldn't resist, they just had to go into my cat scrapbook.

So here he is, not sure what he is called (?). I took a plain piece of green card (from cat scrap kit), then a patterned piece, it looked very boring in a square shape, so I used the compass cutter to cut away the ends of the photo, then cut a circle from the patterned paper. Now needed something to lift the page, so went for the orange brazzil card, was going to use it as a rectangle, again it looked boring, so cut a semi circle. Then added the sentiments, and some rub on cat faces around the semi circle. The journalling says:

Kittens are born with their eyes shut.
They open them in about six days,
take a look around, then close them
again for the better part of their lives.

How true! Had a lovely, lovely time making the page. The kit is just so easy to use, it all just goes together, so it is a question of getting the creative juices going to make an interesting page.

Feel all al dente...

Thanks for dropping by and listening to my musings.


Cazzy said...

Scrapping the cats!!!!! Should we call the RSPC!!!!

Hi Cass!

Jane said...

Awww look at that adorable little kitty, I love that LO and well done puss for posing so nicely LOL