Saturday, 1 November 2008

Scrapbookin' yeah....

When in doubt - go scrapbookin! I had to make a page for a challenge, the theme was Autumn, and the title: Golden Moments.

I think Autumn is one of my favourite times of year, that and early spring. Just for the colours, all those golds, reds and rich browns.

So for this page I chose a cream background, then did some paper weaving with brown and orange, went for 2 mats for the photo, but angling them to give some interest. Added two green and two red buttons, then some leaves along edge.

Really enjoyed the whole afternoon, even if I nearly had another accident. I should explain, I keep all my scrapbook stash behind my desk, but with one wonky knee getting at it was a problem. I figured that if I got onto bed and lowered myself onto floor, then I could shuffle over to desk, then just reverse to get back up. Well the going down bit was okay, but getting up I nearly fell off the bed! I really do have to sort out my room. Too much furniture in it at moment. That will be my aim next year, to sort out room so I can store my stash where it is easily accessible.

Right, off to grab some wine...

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