Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Making history

I did want to watch some of the US election, woke up at 3 a.m and Obama was almost there! Then fell fast asleep till 7 a.m., and was all snug and cosy in bed, just didn't want to move. But he'd won! History was made.

Just been thinking about what I have seen during my life:

Moon landing - watched that live.
Munich - when the Israeli athletes were murdered
Britain voting in Mrs Thatcher
The Berlin Wall coming down
Peace in Northern Ireland
Live Aid
New Labours landslide in 1997
Death of Princess of Wales
First black man to be elected President of USA

And of course it is bonfire night, kids round here have been collecting bonfire stuff for weeks, clown who lives opposite dumped load of rubbish outside his back gate, lots of fiddly bits of wood and damp cardboard, of course kids have taken large stuff but left all the bits... he will be getting an ear bashing from me tomorrow. Sick of him, parks his ruddy van outside next door neighbour's house, puts out bin on wrong day - his house is filthy. Grrrrr.

Like to see an end to public sale of fireworks, organised displays only. I'm not being a kill joy, but we have endured yobs setting off fireworks for weeks now. I like pretty fireworks, not the stuff that just gives a loud bang.

Enjoy pic - oh to be a cat... they do know how to live life!

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