Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Had a dose of the blues...

Think it was that 'Monday' feeling, started out with good intentions and ended up doing nowt. Went down to beach, well bit I can actually drive to, and was going to go for a hobble. Tide was in, so it was blowing a gale, and wind was freezing, but it wasn't the weather that put me off, nope, it was the slope down to the path.... too steep. Other problem was wondering if I would get back in car, I need to have plenty of space to push door wide open, otherwise I can't get in or out.

Why has no-one thought of temporary blue badges? They do in the US, there you can get one for a couple of months, or for however long you need it.

Made up for things today, shook off the self pity, I mean it is of no use feeling sorry for yourself, just makes you feel worse. Went for a hobble to surgery to put in repeat prescription, then hobbled to shop, shopkeeper is very nice, always remembers people, so he asked how things were going - stuff like that makes all the difference. Then later on went for longer walk, knee was a bit sore, but felt better for being out in fresh air. Another couple of weeks and I'll have my mini holiday! Yippeeeeeeee..... looking forward to catching up with friends and having a relaxing time. Hotel is fab, it has a spa and all sorts of other wonderful stuff...

Photo - well it amused me!

Keep smiling... then people will wonder what you've been up to!

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