Saturday, 22 November 2008


Shiver me timbers, it ain't half cold! Don't know where that icy blast is coming from, but wish it would do a U-turn. Poked on toe out of duvet this morning... noooo, did not want to get out of bed, far too warm and toasty. But was in need of loo, and in need of food. Took a very thick slice of hot toast and mug of tea back to bed... very civilised. For once I did NOT mind missing out on work... even if work is nice and warm.

Still got no snow, not that we get a lot anyway, tho they have forecast some for middle of the night. Don't mind watching snow fall, don't mind (providing I am properly dressed) mucking about in snow, but absolutely hate driving in icy and snowy conditions. Just hoping that this icy blast has all gone by next weekend, as I am going away and last thing I want is to be heading over Snake Pass in bad weather.

Mum braved the cold, as did neighbour, they went up to cafe bar, and yes, they sat outside. Think they all had their thermals on. All moaning about smoking ban, as they all smoke and of course are banished to the outside areas. Can't help thinking that the ban has been killing off pubs all over the place. When I visited Ireland a couple of years ago all pubs had a huge tent attached, all heated, no drafts... and everyone was in the tented area... in some far flung pubs they just ignored the ban. Of course the British government noted what the Irish had done and made sure that no pub could do the same in the UK. I used to enjoy going for a pub meal a couple of times a week, with family and friends, but not now, not when I have to go out to have a cigarette. Why couldn't they have left it to the landlords to decide? Now of course they're going on about booze... just knew they'd turn their attention to that once they'd won with the ciggies. I am a responsible drinker, but I do like the offers that supermarkets have on wine, it means I can often get really good wine for half price. I don't go bonkers, don't get drunk, just enjoy a couple of glasses of wine over the weekend. Why can't these killjoys be banished!

As for the crafting... well made an exploding box! Used mirri card for one layer, and went a bit bonkers on the stamping and embossing. One stamp refused to stamp, until I'd had a few practise runs with it. But got there in the end, will post some photos tomorrow. Rather chuffed with it, the mirri card makes it look very posh. Got a few more to make, all for friends. Also planning a gold and black box. Well it is supposed to reek of luxury. Also made use of a few stamps that have been gathering dust ever since I bought them.

Also ordered some bling from QVC, had the confirmation order, so will note when notification of posting is delivered, and when parcel finally arrives. I was desperately short of sticky gems. And it was a bargain, the sheets are normally 1.99 each.

Well wonder if I will wake up to a winter wonderland... ?

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