Sunday, 23 November 2008

Okay, own up, who turned the thermostat down?

Stuck a toe out of the duvet this morning, brrrrr... then heard boiler kick into life, so it got all warm and toasty.. and naturally I just didn't want to move. Would probably have stayed put had it not been for an urgent loo call. Looked at clock, 8.30, seemed a bit too decadent to go back to bed, so stayed up.

Tried cooking my bacon in microwave - nope. Not for me, I like crispy bacon and the smell of bacon wafting thru the flat.

Weather was foul, all sorts coming down, rain, sleet, hail... plus a howling wind. Ventured as far as recycling box, and that was my limit. My neighbour dropped in, so made her a bacon butty, we discussed afternoon telly, found a really old B/W film, so she decided to stay at home, rather than go to her daughters for lunch. So she went off home, then phone me, she was off out to lunch, her daughter had insisted. Neighbour wasn't very happy, she'd had her afternoon planned, a nice pot of tea, few biccies, old film, laying on sofa.

I got stuck into my exploding boxes, cut two more out, decorated one, just got one more to complete. Having lots of fun messing with the stamps and embossing powder. And wondering how I coped before I got my anti static bag! Boy does it make a difference. Will post pics of rest of box over the week, both are pretty much the same. Just got to go get the angels to go inside.

Just four days to go and I can kick back and enjoy my first real break of the year. Really looking forward to it. Gonna be good!

Stay warm folks and thanks for stopping by

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