Thursday, 27 November 2008

Trying to be positive

Well it is a new day, trying now to banish all negativity, and think positive. I did lose one job thru injury, but ended up going to university, getting a play produced, winning two writing competitions and getting a good degree. That all led to me working for the CAB, which I loved, and then onto my current job. So figure if I can do it once, then I can do it again - can't I? Tho this seems to be a bit more of a moutain... but I will get there.

Now looking forward to weekend. Will be heading off tomorrow teatime to Yorkshire, for 3 days of relaxation. Doing a workshop, Quiet the Mind, with Lindsay Wagner. Got no idea what it entails, tho just had one e-mail thru saying to try to abstain from alcholo, or at least from over indulgence. Same with cigarettes, now hey, I can do one, but not sure I can manage to do both at the same time, stress levels would be thru the roof. Also have to say what I wish to work on, and what I hope to get out of it. Er.... a new life would be nice. I think what I am tired of most is battling, no sooner do you get thru some rubbish then the next banana skin is laying in wait for you. I've has so many banana skin moments this year I've lost count, feel like a weeble, keep on getting knocked about, I only just manage find some stability and off I go again being rocked by something. I know I am not alone, others are also dealing with umpteen battles, more so with this credit crunch.

But will also be catching up with a couple of friends, we haven't met up in absolutely ages, so we're all looking forward to seeing one another again. I am being transported to hotel, one friend is coming to pick me up, even tho it means a big detour for her. Bless her. I've made both of them an exploding box, so hope they like them. Was going to put something inside, still might, depends if I can get out tomorrow. My trips 'out' are limited, just can't walk very far, and that's in spite of all my hard work doing my exercises. Made me laugh on Tuesday, the surgeon, he said: Do you need the crutch? I just looked at him and said: My knee, and it is bloody painful. Honest wish these doctors would see beyond the ruddy injury, there is a person attached to the knee! I am not the type to hang on to walking sticks, crutches or other implements unless absolutely necessary. I'd happily hurl this crutch into the sea, but it is necessary. My confidence has also been knocked with walking outside, get really nervous. I have to force myself to get outside, but I am dreading it when we get a frost.

Uploaded a video I made of my scrapbook. Well felt like messing. Just made a few cards today, put finishing touches to boxes, and of course sorted out clothes for weekend. I hate packing, never know what to take, and usually end up taking far too much.

Well see you all on Monday, have a lovely weekend, stay safe and stay warm.

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Cazzy said...

I hope you can get down on the mat to relax Cass! I do hope it does you good, and it is great you are thinking positively. Perhaps you will get discovered and get a great career in crafting, or you could write a book on it!

Cazzy xx