Monday, 24 November 2008

Our crazy weather

We've had a beautiful sunny day today. Not too cold either. Opened bedroom curtains to find a robin sat on tree.

Got list of things to do this week, number one is get a hair cut, a rewind system would be so much easier and cheaper! Got to get 3 angels, for inside Xmas exploding boxes. And twist friend's arm to finish uni earlier so our trip over the pennines will be in daylight. Oh and figure out what clothes to take. Far easier to pack for sunny climes, then it is just T shirts and shorts, but for this country? Well you need a bit of everything. Also must take my sweat pants and some T shirts, so I can be comfy for my classes... we're going on a sort of retreat I guess, well half retreat and half party time. Lindsay Wagner is our instructor, she's got her own form of er, dunno, spirituality, part eastern, part a bit of everything she's learned over the years. She does teach the classes in some prisons in the USA, so it ain't no flaky thing. Be good just to relax and leave all my cares behind.

Got hospital appointment tomorrow, have to tell surgeon about loose screw. Tho he can forget any idea of fixing it till next week, nothing is going to ruin this weekend! Knee is very odd, still doesn't look knee like, still a bit of a blob, with a long scar in the middle, plus it is very achy. Given up all hope of being back at work before Christmas.

Made 3rd Exploding box today, this time I stamped all the decorative bits, it was a sort of challenge. Feel I've really moved on in crafting terms, when I got my set of See D's stamps I invariably made a right hash of them, I'd either press too hard, or not hard enough, get powder all over the place! All the stamping today was a big success, each image nice and crisp, clear and free of spare bits of powder. Tho I do now use an anti static bag, and that has made a big difference, found it also best to use it on back of mirri card (shiny side) when stamping on reverse, stops you picking up any loose bits.

Well got early start tomorrow, have to be at hospital at 9.20 a.m., will have to set alarm.

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