Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hang on, it's Thursday!

How'd did it get to Thursday? Feel as tho I've missed part of the week. Haven't been up to much, took a pootle to get some printer ink, and send of stuff to Golden Hippie, that was on Tuesday. Got accosted in Woolies by nice young girl trying to flog some Beckham stuff, well don't think those two needed any more money so politely refused. Actually that is where the crutch comes in handy, everyone takes pity on you, doors get held open, people let you move in front of queue! Wednesday, what did I do yesterday? Spot of housework, bit of shopping and bit of crafting.

But driving car it felt heavy, noticed when I got home that near side tyre was a bit flat! Darn it, a slow puncture... rats. So that sorted out what I was going to do today, off to tyre place, nice man sorted out tyre, fixed rattley exhaust, and then very kindly offered to check oil, water etc, plus he balanced all my wheels - did consider asking him if he could balance my knee! All for just £26, a bargain. Back home, delivery man arrived, so big shop was sorted, had a houseful as two of mum's friends were there. Then district nurse arrived, she was a cheery type, but also very alert, she was spotting all sorts, neighbours swollen ankles, mum's friend's arthritis... felt like she was touting for business. Final visit was physio, for mum. I am not certain if penny has dropped with mum about her phsyio, that she needs to do it, that she would have been getting same physio even if her operation had all gone to plan... even physio senses mum's resistance. I did mention today how mum flops into chair, she doesn't lower herself in, just flops down, and when she gets up she uses her arms. So physio worked on that, she spent an entire hour with mum, teaching her how to get up from a chair properly. The penny did appear to have dropped, but that all ended an hour ago, after washing up mum came in and yep, flopped down on to chair. Arghhhhhh! I took into consideration that she was tired, so let it go, but we'll see tomorrow.

Did a spot of crafting, more making toppers and stuff, not actually putting much together. Got my physio tomorrow, will have to mention loose screw... actually now I can see the wire... summat went crunch the other night, just as I turned over, there was this crunching sound from knee... and then it felt all lumpy and jagged. I'm not in any more pain, but it is still lumpy and it wasn't before.

Remember to wrap up warm... the North Wind is a blowing in!

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Cazzy said...

All that crunching and loose metal would make me get goosebumps Cass. I hope you get it sorted soon.

I agree, someone has accelerated this week, must be a conspiracy!