Saturday, 15 November 2008

Been playing today

Have had a fun crafting day, chose to have a mess around and try a few things. First off was a bit of stamping, but on acetate, which I've never done before. Did think I'd melt the acetate, but was chuffed when it worked! Well sort of, got a bit of a smudge, so it will be binned, but second effort was fine. Then tried some puddling, as Bibster calls it, well however she does it, I can't. Did try, but nope, couldn't get the gel pens to puddle. Humph.

So returned to my latest craze, ATCs. Decided to make some to go with my Xmas cards for my craft group, so this is Number One. Chose my 3 Wise Men stamp, used a plain versamark pad, then used silver embossing powder, then framed it with some mirri card, stuck it on to some red card, edged that with silver stamp pad, and then made the folder, used the scrolls from the LGC kit to decorate one side, on other is Peace On Earth.

And that was how i spent a happy two hours! Also got all the cards finished for Golden Hippie, they're now in a jiffy bag and will be posted on Monday.

Had orrible dinner, sweet and sour chicken from sainsburies, yeeugh. Sauce was far too watery, carrots far too hard, and just not enough flavouring. Can do better meself.

Enjoy the weekend all.

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