Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A lovely sunny day!

Yes it has been a beautiful day - which makes a change from the usual wet and windy stuff. Managed to do a bit of getting out and about, well 3 quarters of me is desperate to be out and about, the leg with the poorly knee ain't so keen. Keep hoping it will get less painful, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Physio did tell me to massage my knee, in particular the scar.... but I hate touching the scar, it is painful for one thing. I'm doing my best tho.

Decided to have another play with the ATC stuff, tho then decided I wanted to make my own, rather than follow the kit. Think I'm really getting into this! Want to get a few under my belt before dipping toe into waters of ATC clubs. Need to sort out robo to get it to cut some stuff for me. And to do that need to get some card, thinnish stuff... wonder if I can make it to papermill?

My cutting seems to have gone to pot since breaking my wrist. The kit came with some templates, for envelopes and other ATC holders, but when I tried cutting one today it was awful. Think I have too many things to exercise and stretch...

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