Thursday, 6 November 2008

A thankyou

First a BIG thankyou to Mgt_B for the beautiful Christmas stockings that she made and sent to me, refusing any payment, and the gorgeous Christmas card that was a lovey surprise. The generosity of crafters never ceases to amaze me.

Bit of a nothing day, had to go get my parcels from the sorting office, thought (and was hoping) it might be the stockings, but also hoping that it might be my ATC kit from QVC - but nope, the other was from M&S with my new nighties! Guess the kit will eventually land sometime next week. Dunno about this 5 to seven working day thing they claim, I always now include Sunday as it is a working day, and QVC are a 365 day operation. Yet my stuff seems to take a minimum of ten days... not happy!

So had a play with stuff, mucking around using gel pens on acetate, attempting an exploding box made from black card (harder to cut cleanly), just generally getting messy. Then it took my fancy to use glitter glue on a peel off stuck onto some acetate! Well why not. Think it has worked, but has taken agest to dry.

Dinner was a 'nothing affair', forgot to get chicken out of freezer, so had to rely on whatever was delivered from supermarket, for some reason I'd ordered two steak and kidney pies... can't say I found much meat! But day was a bit like the weather, wishy washy.

Bonfire night wasn't too bad, didn't go on too long. Tho kids are now trying to relight bonfire. Neighbour took hint and swept up the remains of the rubbish he'd left. Well it was him brushing it up or me lobbing it back over his wall. Why are we such a dirty country? It really bugs me! And we have the worlds laziest street sweeper, one of my neighbours told him that he must have had the same brush for the last 3o odd years as he barely uses it. We've lost count of the number of complaints we've put in. But then if people didn't drop litter then we wouldn't need to spend so much on street cleaning.

Got my first physio appointment tomorrow... am going to make it clear that the deal is this: you don't hurt me and I won't hurt you. Well it works with my dentist. My knee is blooming sore, last thing I need is some silly physio trying to get it to bend when it won't. Tell you, she does that and she'll regret it!

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