Monday, 10 November 2008

A strange day...

At 10 a.m a workman arrived, to install intercom... something we'd request 18 months ago! But when we had new windows and front door fitted, we had been told that an intercom system wouldn't be possible. Hey ho... so he sets to work, now to give him his due he was methodical, he was careful... but boy was he sloooooooow. And strange! I made my lunch just after 1pm, was going to offer him another cuppa, then he appeared at kitchen door... i am sure he wanted me to offer to make him a buttie. Fat chance, he had already way overstayed his welcome. He finally departed at 2 pm, it had taken him four hours to fit a length of cable, two phone and plug it in... all of which I'd managed to do earlier this year in about an hour.

If that wasn't bad enough having man drilling, banging etc, mum also got her hair permed, but hairdresser was late and we all know how long it takes to do a perm! It took for blooming ever. Meanwhile I'm getting hungrier and hungrier...

Finally got round to tackling decoupage box kit, took me while to understand instructions, but think I got the gist of them. So have started to put it together, have to leave it overnight for glue to dry. Made a few more cards, at least they were a success, then did daft thing, thought that it would be a good idea to use the glitter gel pens on them, just to highlight a few things... which would be okay except it is a very involved design! But it does look pretty.

Also in a humpty mood,not sure where I want to be, or what I want to be doing. Been having some really strange dreams and unusually i've been remembering them. There was also a very peculiar moon the other night, it was as if the moon had a halo around it... very weird. I thought it was because I was looking at it thru the net curtain, so I pulled it back, nope it still had the halo. Oh well two and a bit weeks and I can enjoy my mini holiday!

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