Friday, 14 November 2008

Another day gone by....

BORED... BORED... BORED... VERY BORED... Tho, yes of course once I get back to work I'll have a moan about being at work... hard to please aren't we? Of course ideal situation is to have enough money not to have to work... and a fully working body.

Physio attempted to get my knee to bend a bit more, she did take it in stages... but realised that a 'forced' 70 per cent she was on borrowed time... She is pleased with me, I have been doing all my exercises and more, my pilates. Went thru hell earlier in week, knee just complained all the time, but today it had eased off, and for once driving wasn't as painful. Tho buoyed up by that made foolish decision to go shopping, got as far as M&S and that was that, it was just too painful. Had high hopes of doing something meaningful this weekend, but guess not... :-(

On other hand, mum's physio is now near exasperation. I was pleased to hear her issue a warning to mum, that if there is no improvement she will stop coming. It is all down to mum, she has to start making more effort, and realise that she can do a lot more than she thinks. Her physio spent one hour explaining to mum that if she stood up straight it would cause less pressure on her sore hip, which mum nodded in agreement. So an hour later, what do I see? Mum hunched over.... and of course complaining of pain in unoperated hip. Think I need to talk to mum's physio... it is same with supermarket trolley, she leans on it so making it harder to push, the other day I gently told her to stand up, she did and of course she was able to push the trolley better.

But mum's physio is amusing, she loves looking at what I'm making card wise, or just watching me craft. She had a good rummage thru my Xmas cards, I can see me caving in and giving her some. She is very nice, and has been good to me, giving me encouragement on my own injuries, and some exercises, which have helped enormously.

Have been making ATC's today, ever tried explaining the concept of ATCs to a Croat? Mmmmm.... I gave up. But made two Xmas ones, one is a shaker type, the other just plainish, using the LMC and LGC stuff. Had lots of fun. I'm really enjoying it, and it is keeping me out of trouble, and has given me an idea... watch this space!

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