Saturday, 8 November 2008

Strictly Saturday

You know how it is, you have all sorts of plans and then you think: Nah... and roll over. Do yearn for some good afternoon films, those you don't have to think about, but just allow you to curl up and just enjoy.

As for Saturday night TV! Whoever puts the schedules together obviously has a warped sense of humour! I could take Merlin, even tho it ain't my thing, but why oh why is Casualty still on! It is way past its sell by date. How many more times can they blow the place up? The X factor passes me by, the enjoyable bit is the first few weeks... only good thing is CSI and that is a repeat. I gave up watching CSI Miami last week, almost lost the will to live... all the CSI shows are quirky, but Miami has gone past the point of ridiculousness... what next, H will discover he has a daughter? I feel sure it must take ages to film, as the cast must crack up at the scripts they're given. It is masquerading as a comedy. Can't wait for the new year and more of CSI, but the last of Grissom! He's not going, going, but won't be a regular any more :-( He makes the show. Not sure if they can replace him.

So didn't get up to a lot today, well yesterday was a busy day, knee was very sore today. Think i did too much driving. Or possibly it was getting stuck in road works... what is it with men and digging up bloody roads? They seem to have conspired here to dig up every major road at the same time, making driving almost an impossibility. They have just resurfaced one major road, now we're all taking bets as to which utility company will come along and dig it all up again!

Made a few more Christmas cards, nearing the end of the kits, got two left from one, and about 8 from the other. The latter is much more involved, lots of cutting out, and I've been backing lots fo the bits onto spare card. At some point I have to go back and stamp Happy Christmas in them all... I could with a finisher off.

Got quite a few pics to take, Mgt_b's stockings and card, my own stuff... thought I'd wait and do one big batch. Must also tackle bedroom tomorrow, dusted it today, so will vacuum it tomorrow.

And Lest we Forget... it is Remembrance Day tomorrow, please spare just two minutes of your time to pay your respect and thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice...

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