Monday, 17 November 2008

Morning... yawn... monday... ugh

Another week looming. Tho it was all go this morning, nurse, hairdresser... all at once! Not for me, for mum. Not the ideal way to start a Monday morning. Then chap came to finish off intercom system, he is seriously creepy! The type that gives you a shiver down your spine.

Made a few more ATCs, but didn't feel very inspired, think it could be the kit, it is vintage, and really not my thing. Vintage that is! Got some nice bits in it, but vintage just does not float my boat.

Knee still has lump in it, everyone is saying: go get it checked. I know I need to, but at same time don't want to. Just don't want my weekend away to be ruined - there is no way I am going to cancel it, I am going! Have to go see consultant next week, so will tell him that his handywork is coming undone. Think he maybe a bit miffed, tho given his track record with our family then he is probably expecting summat to go wrong. He is a darn good surgeon, no doubt about that, but his patient care needs a bit of attention. He's a nice enough chap, no airs or graces as some consultants have. But I just wish doctors would remember that they are there to 'doctor'. And see a person, not just an injured knee, arm, lump etc. They do need to be reminded that that injured part is attached to a person, and that the person also needs reassurance, and some TLC.

Have got list of things to be done tomorrow - get two parcels in post, one to Golden Hippie, and another to a friend. Times like this I wish that our local post office was still open! It means I have to schlep to high street, and there will be a queue! Need also to get to PC world to get some ink for printer.

Don't need to get yoga mat, phew... that was for the weekend. It is a sort of retreat, well spiritual healing. Was told to bring blanket or mat, but friend who is picking me up has volunteered to bring loads of blankets, just hope there is room for me in her car. Also hoping that she is aware that it isn't this weekend, it is the following weekend.... she can be a bit dizzy, very loveable, but ditsy at times.

And as for Strictly... a disgrace! Sorry just don't agree with this argument that the show is about entertainment, yes it is but being entertained by people who are doing their best to master dancing. JS is useless, okay at the ballroom stuff, but when it comes to the fast numbers he is embarrassing. As for I'm a Celebrity... who cares! They know what they're getting into, well the Brits do, not sure that the Yanks do.

Now time for a cuppa.

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