Friday, 21 November 2008


Except guess it doesn't apply to us 'at home' types. I mean how can one push off early from home? These are the things I miss, the good old Friday moan, thankful that the weekend is upon us, but knowing that the weather will turn foul and that the day will go slowly. And of course you always get some twerp turning up one minute before closing, tho if our boss isn't around the door gets shut well before official time. We all think we should start shutting down 15 minutes before we offiicially close, so that would mean no hiring of DVDs, or CDs, no paying of fines... and everyone out of building five minutes before we officially shut the doors.

Had giggle with physio, think she is as mad as me, or we are on the same warped wavelength. Mentioned to her my unusual lump, and my weird 'crunch' and she was baffled, not exactly reasssuring, well she is supposed to be the professional. Tho I think she is fresh out of training, so what would she know? We debated whether lump was bit of bone or screw, I went for screw as it was so smooth and round, she agreed. But she'd never come across such a thing before. But I do have to mention it to consultant next week, oh he will love that, his handywork coming undone. I do wonder if my body has begun to reject all the hardware in the knee, I can see quite clearly were the wire is, that which is holding kneecap together... plus this screw. Darn sure I shouldn't be able to see anything. But did get to 72 per cent by myself, physio forced it to 80 per cent, she backed off going any further, think it could have been my fist coming into view!

Tootled over to a different Sainsburies, but you do fnd that they keep the layouts the same. Just grabbed some milk, cheese and a pizza... then ended up behind to pig ignorant women at checkout. One saw me hobbling up with basket and on a crutch, did she bother to move up and let me unload basket, nope! Both kept on nattering, felt like flattening both with crutch. Elderly lady behind me was nice, asked if I was okay, in a loud voice, which woke up two ignoramuses in front. They reminded me of another ignoramus, who saw me approaching bank door other day, went in ahead of me and let door go... nice... me on a crutch! Fortunately a nice gentleman was on his way out so he held door open, and we both made ignoramus feel very guilty. What does it take to just look over your shoulder when going thru a door? A few seconds? What are you so busy you can't afford even a few seconds? Look back, you just may see someone struggling, be it a pensioner, a mum with a pram, someone on a crutch, or crutches, but just someone who would be grateful if you just held that door open. Kindness costs nothing, but is gratefully received. Mind you, crafters are conscientious, tis the nature of the hobby. So I am preaching to the converted.

Our artic blast has arrived, now just waiting for our light sprinkling of snow... which will probably occur in the wee small hours and we'll all miss it.

Stay warm and stay safe, but have fun - go make a snowman!

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