Sunday, 9 November 2008

How to make a hash of things!

Dead easy, overload table with stash, slip into slap dash mode, and yep you to can stuff up a card! Realised too late that the paper I'd just stuck on had gone wonky, tried to rescue it but nope, it wasn't going to work... will take it apart tomorrow and start again. Second card... disaster - didn't quite manage to master how to stick on some gold cord, really need a quickie glue pen, so made a right mess of that.

Final two cards were okay. Had far better results yesterday. Or perhaps it is that I am all Christmas carded out! Do want to finish off both of the kits, then I should have enough to cover Christmas for me and mum... with a few spare ones. Decided tomorrow going to make something else, have got a decoupage box kit, so may have a bash at that. Or maybe my ATC kit will arrive? And maybe a pig will grow wings and fly... sorry QVC but your delivery service stinks.

Pic - a challenge card. Took photo in dim light, will have to take another tomorrow. The theme was 'seasons' you could pick any of the four seasons, or do them all. I chose to at last make use of the foam shapes i bought on a whim (and wished I hadn't), so made a large card, divided it into four, then chose four pieces of card to represent the seaons, and then added a few appropriate shapes. It didn't feel finished, so I coloured in a silver peel off with a green pen, and separated the 'seasons'. Oh did the same with the lettering, it was gold, but used a black marker pen on them.

Hope you all had a good weekend, have a good week.

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