Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday, sunday...

Well was up early, didn't want to be up early, a case of having to in order to get petrol. Our petrol station is very, very busy, so decided that in order not to hold others up I'd get it early this morning. Mind you should have seen face of chap behind me, I clambers out of car and hobbles around on a crutch... I knew what he was thinking: how can she drive? Well I can, and more importantly I have permission from my consultant, which is the important bit, had he said no then I'd be in deep doo doo.

But it reminded me of something funny that happened way back in 1991. Me and some friends were in LA, on a bus, on our way back to our hotel after visiting the cheap shopping place... the bus pulled up at a stop and next thing there is a big bang, we're all jolted forwards, turned out chap in car behind our bus had ploughed into us. While rest of passengers were all picking up compo forms, we got out of bus, then we noticed driver of car - he was getting out of his car, next thing he reaches in, gets out two crutches, hobbles round to pavement to reveal that his right leg is in a full length plaster cast! Dumb or what!

Driving was a bit easier today, tho pain came later. Decided to get on an finish off Xmas cards from TSV. Not got many more to do now. Some tho are a bit confusing with the instructions, one i just can't work out at all.

Put up a pic of my second Golden moments challenge page: this was a page that built itself. Chose a paper from Sarapapers Seasons collection, Autum, which has lots of lovely leaves printed on bottom edge. Used mirri card to lift photo, and back it with some vellum, using brads to attach it, and then stuck some foam leaves round photo to form a frame, then added some gold lettering.

Hope you've had a good weekend, and hope the week isn't too bad.

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