Friday, 7 November 2008

That Friday feeling

Another week over. I am fed up with my current life, bored with not being able to do what I want when I want. Fed up of being in pain, and fed up of looking down at a swollen knee! So it did not help my mood when mum several of her bouts of self pity.... excuse me, this is a rant! I had driven mum and a neighbour to supermarket, as mum wanted, moment we get there she starts huffing and puffing, well she'd already had one 'self pity' session which had annoyed me. Now she was at it again. There am I, hobbling on a crutch, knee swollen and damn painful, stiff wrist, and she is going on about wearing a bloody splint on her lower leg! No-one can see the damn thing, she can walk perfectly well. We made it round the supermarket, then she got in a tizz, by which time neighbour had disappeared to chemist for appointment, so now i was wheeling neighbours trolley full of shopping, so tells mum to stay near entrance to supermarket while this mug schleps over to car to dump one lot of shopping, then I comes back, helps mum steer her trolley to car, get her in car, get shopping in car and take second trolley back! Get back to car, mum say's: I want to go home! Oh no you're not, I says. I refuse point blank to take her home, she is going to go meet her friends at the cafe bar.

Well she went, well she had no choice, I just refused to budge. Her other hip is sore, and it is sore because she won't put weight on the repaired hip. She knows what she needs to do, confesses that she knows why her other hip is sore... so mum - do something about it!

I took myself off to my physio appointment. Physio was pleased that I'd already been doing a lot of exercises, but told me to take it steady. She was also impressed by my knee fracture - over 20 pieces. Her best knee fracture patient before me had just bust his into 13 pieces. Piff! Also found out today that I have no longer got a whole knee cap, they sucked a few small bits out.... Physio was also fascinated by my wobbly other kneecap... she squealed: it shouldn't move that much! Well mine do, well they both did, now just one does. I do have a peculiar skeletal set up, ligaments are all loose so stuff moves round far more than it should.

No crafting today, no time. Hoping that ATC kit arrives tomorrow... pretty please!

Now off for a cuppa. Have a good weekend all. And thanks for stopping by

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