Tuesday, 11 November 2008


At lunchtime there was a large crash and... yep my ATC kit had arrived. I'm sure my postie feels obliged to try to stuff every parcel, no matter how big, thru letter box.

I had forgotten all about order from QVC, when I placed my order the kit had just sold out, so I opted to go on the wait list, and then promptly forgot all about it. So it was a nice surprise to get an e-mail from QVC saying it was now on its way to me.

Course I had to get stuck in. Decided to go with the instructions, just for the first couple. It is the Memories ATC kit, frankly I couldn't remember what it was. Not really my thing, but still enjoyable to put together. As I was doing them the juices began flowing, got loads of bits and bobs laying around, card, so can see me getting in to this.

It was more involved than I thought. But I enjoyed it more than I do making cards. Bit like scrapbooking, I do get more enjoyment out of that than anything else. I think it is because I feel cards have to have a purpose, no good sitting there churning them out if you're not going to use them, sell them etc. I'm loath to get into selling them, this is a hobby and so turning it into a mini business would take away the enjoyment. I felt pressurised last year to churn out Xmas cards, didn't really want to.
But with the ATC's i can use my creative juices, same as with the scrapbooking.

Weather wise it was a foul day, soooo windy! Didn't dare venture beyond gate. Also annoyed with neighbour.... he has taken to parking his ruddy great camper van outside our house, he parks the thing at a slant, and so awkardly that nothing can get up the street, like the bin wagon or delivery wagons. I wouldn't mind but he has a parking space outside his own house... !

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