Sunday, 16 November 2008

It could be official..

I have a screw loose, or that is what it feels like. Was massaging wounded knee, not that I like to as it feels weird, I mean really weird. Anyways was rubbing in cream and thought, mmm, that wasn't there before accident. I felt a hard lump, screw size, round and a bit painful when pressed, it is right were they put all the wires and screws in, I'm thinking one has worked loose! It could only happen to me. Only once had I ever broken anything, that was my right wrist, 20 odd years ago, and that healed up eventually with no problem. Course i had to do it properly this time, go for the operation, the pins, screws, wire... all was going so well, please, pretty, pretty please don't let summat go wrong now. I am going away next weekend, need a break desperately and NOTHING will stop me, not even a loose screw.

More playing today, got out the left over Xmas peel offs, those that have been lingering in the bottom of the stash filed under 'have no idea what to do with you'. But thought all would be great on the ATCs. So got going, used black card and glitter pens, one I'm not that happy with, so may redo it. And got all my Xmas cards finished off, all are stamped, have inserts, and even have envelopes! So this week I can just play. Need to wend my way to PC world to get an ink cartridge, need to print out some photos. Would like to do a scrapbook for a friend, and have 2 weeks to do it! So no pressure ;-))

Hope you all had a good weekend, thanks for stopping by and have a good week.

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