Tuesday, 23 December 2008

That was a BIG mistake!

Going to the supermarket! Think the world and his wife was there today. You'd think the shops were going to be closed for weeks the way people were loading up their trolleys! One woman had 3 kids, she had a trolley and so did two of the children - I mean was she really going to be feeding the five thousand? I heard a member of staff say to a newbie: you think this is mad, wait till tomorrow!

I just needed the essentials, bread, milk etc, plus my mini turkey breast! Managed to find one, so I will be having a proper Christmas lunch. And some wine... naturally. Took me ages to get thru checkout... chose the worlds slowest checkout man... he was nice, but just very slow. Thought it would be ages before I got out of car park, but traffic was moving nicely.

Well settled for just the TSV yesterday, nothing else whetted my appetite. Was mulling over the clear album, still am. Figure they must be going to have a craft clear out, so much yesterday was old stuff, they must want rid of it. Hopefully they'll start next week so may get some bargains.

Got a shock at ATM, more money than I'd reckoned for in account. Funny tho, when you have dosh you can never find what to buy, when you've not got a red cent you see all sorts that you just have to have. Did get stuck behind idiot who was trying umpteen cards... obviously some weren't working as he moved to the other machine, failed to see his logic as it was same ATM... so if card wasn't going to work in first why would it in the second machine? Oh, it didn't...

Well time for a cuppa, just got 3 pressies to wrap up, made cards today for my gifts of money to family... just quickie cards. Was going to be all fancy and then decided life was too short.

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