Friday, 5 December 2008


Well blogger is playing up, so there may or may not be a pic... ain't technology wonderful? Mmmm, got holiday blues. Just chatted to a friend, we both agree we wish we were starting our weekend over again.... sigh. Had such a positive time, tho still mulling over the weekend, there was just so much to drink in.

Today was, well today. Had physio appointment, me and physio tried to join forces and get my knee to bend beyond 80 degrees... fat chance! It wouldn't budge, sadly doc seems to be right, my knee is stuck at 80... Physio said to me: shall we try, I consider things, and knee was already complaining... so said: not unless you want a black eye. So we stopped. Not even with knee hanging loose, so to speak, will it budge beyond 80. Felt fed up. Toddled off to local shopping precinct, horrible place, no seriously, it is! Did find a nice mag in WH Smiths, vintage Xmas cards, so grabbed it... will keep me amused tomorrow. Nowt in Woolies, what 50 per cent sale! The nerve, most of the stuff was only 10 per cent, not that I hung around long... beginning to wonder if folk are blind... I am on a bloody crutch and am walking somewhat very slowly... so you would think people would be helpful, well most are, some are just plain ignorant. The ignoramuses I tend to give what for, as in, I ain't budging, I am the one on a crutch, so go figure!

Just ordered mum a walker, one of those 3 wheeled things, which should help her get out and about.

Sorry, no pic, blogger ain't playing fair tonight. But have now managed to update blog list... will continue with it tomorrow.

Have a good weekend all.

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Cazzy said...

You can borrow that walker when your Mum isn't using it Cass!

I hope your knee will one day bend again.

Cazzy xx