Monday, 22 December 2008

Funny old day

Well was awake at 1 a.m. and caught some of the QVC launch, and the TSV, but was too sleepy to concentrate. Woke up at 4.30, had a better look, had a cupp and then went back to sleep till 9 a.m. Dunno what is going on, suddenly I'm sleeping in, which is very unme. Carried on dithering about TSV, then decided to order it, saw a lot more of it and just made a snap decision. It will be mum's Xmas present to me, then she said I could order one more thing, up to 20 quid. So now trying to see something else that grabs me. Also want to buy me a pressie from me. Well you have to, don't you?

Have now uploaded page i was making yesterday. I knew it needed something, as in spiders, but had to find a gif file first, I then converted it to a jpeg and uploaded it to the robo. I found two templates, and preferred the other one, but the robo didn't! It chomped up both attempts, but then cut the smaller spider with no probs. I chose some dark blue paper, drew some webs on the corners, wanted to use some blue mirri card to mat the photo, but didn't have enough :-( So cut four strips, made a frame, then had the idea of sewing a web in opposite corners, put that on some glittery black card, and then edged that with some DST and glitter, then added the spiders. Will recolour them with a stamp pad, silver I think. Got more of La Princess, so will be able to make about four pages.

Will have to face supermarket tomorrow... no slots available for home delivery! Luckily we don't need much, and we have the stair lift - phew. Got to deliver one present and card tomorrow.

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