Monday, 1 December 2008

Ohm shanti...

Yup, I'm back, and am serioulsy al dente... ! Well four sessions of heavy mediation does that to you, plus a bit of one on one working, a tapping session, nooooo, not as it tap dancing! As in tapping, EFT for those familiar with the UK version. This tho is a US take on it. But it still works, well with perseverance. Well it was a weekend away, it was my only true holiday of the year, and it was also a spiritual retreat of sorts.

It was two days of workshops, Quiet the Mind, Open the Heart, as taught by Lindsay Wagner (forget bionic woman). Lindsay has studied many religions, therapies over the years, and has put them all together in her own program. It is non denominational, I think all that is asked is that you come along with an open mind. We did get thru a lot of stuff, guided meditations, a deeksha giving... and an awful lot of love and much, much laughter. It was a great place to be, especially if, like me, you have had one crappy year. It is hard for me to be dependent, but being currently (and I hope, temporarily) disabled, I had to learn to accept help from others, that was willing offered on every level. Sadly my knee pain got too much for me to participate in the last event, think it was the cold that got to it, and boy was it COLD! So had to go warm it up on a radiator.

But it was a great weekend for chilling out. And in the literal sense. The hotel was fabulous, lovely staff, very friendly, nothing was too much trouble for them. Tho have to say, there is nowt like 'home sweet home'! We did manage to get out for a curry, and tho we had to wait a long time for the meal, it was worth the wait! And two fab pizzas! Well we made it up, me and my mate went along with the chicken bit, but we wanted mushrooms, our friend wanted sweetcorn, so we had it all on it, and it was deeeelish.

So I am now chilled, have learned a lot, done a lot of healing, and hope to continue. There is a lot to put into practice, but it will be worth the effort. I feel positive, even tho I came home to some bad news, our angel, our neighbour who has put herself out to help us, is now in hospital with an infection (a speedy recovery to her) and to the news of a death, a friend's mother sadly passed away at the weekend. My own health situation is much as it was, if not a tad worse, screw is even looser... - yikes! But hey, whatever life chucks at me... I will try to be ready for it.

I also have: two pairs of very comical socks, a fez and some oils to rub on my knee... so the fez will make me laugh, the oil is heavenly to use and the socks make me giggle. Who could want for me.

Yeah, life sucks, it really does, but someone, somewhere is a heck of a lot worse of than you - trust me... they really are.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did.

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