Monday, 29 December 2008


It's like an ice box here! Looked outside first thing this morning and it looked like we'd had a layer of snow, but it was just frost.

My little car got taken away to be repaired. Felt sorry for the mechanic who got the task of driving it back to garage, he must have been frozen! Car hadn't been de-iced, well I couldn't get out to do it as it was so slippy. I did have some de-icer luckily. I usually just scrape the ice off, that way you don't get all steamed up inside. Bad news came later - the cost - £100. All cos the rear window is bonded, so has to be put in by a proper car glass firm. If I ever set eyes on the little toe rag that smashed it he will regret it big time. I wonder if it would do some good to get people to go into schools and talk to young people, those who have been victims of mindless acts of vandalism, just so that the kids can realise what harm they do. They just don't get it, or think that the insurance will cover it, well it won't! My excess is £200, so there is no point in me making a claim, had the idiot busted my windscreen I could have got it fixed for 60 quid, that being my part of the bill for repair.

And I am sick of kids saying that they are bored... well so was I. But I didn't go around damaging other people's property. I see and experience the disrespect at work from young people, few have any real reason for their behaviour, one who is particularly obnoxious is so because he is a spoiled brat.

Was hoping my TSV would turn up today, naturally it didn't! I am sick of QVC's silly e-mails telling me to 'make space' as my 'order is on its way'. You get plenty of time to make space for it, as it comes via snail mail.... the slowest in the land. Just wanted something to do as I sat and fretted over car. Well fretted over how much it was going to cost me. But TSV was a no show.

And to add insult to injury got my Xmas pressies today, yes... there is a long explanation as to why I am only now getting my pressies, and it is far too long! Two were fab, gift vouchers for Hobbycraft, a bottle of wine... and my sister bought me a... watch! Eh? I have a very good watch, a rotary, bought it many moons ago with some back pay, cost me a fortune. It is a man's watch, but I like larger watches, hate silly women's watches, and that is exactly what my sister bought me. I feel ungrateful, but it will just lay in a drawer. Last year she asked me what I wanted, and I said to just buy me craft vouchers. I am not difficult to buy for, it is easy, I craft, so therefore anything crafty or craft vouchers will be gladly received. My SiL bought me a silly small handbag... no use to me whatsoever.

Well hopefully TSV may make an appearance tomorrow, car will be back... now can I legally wire it up so that it delivers a huge electric shock to those giving it any unwanted attention? I tell you, I would if I could.

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