Saturday, 6 December 2008

Prayers please

I am, really and truly sick of this damn year. I can't remember such a terrible year. I was having a mini lie in when the phone rang, it was my neighbour's daughter who had to break the awful news that her mum is critically ill in hospital. She has septicaemia caused by an abcess. My neighbour is a lovely, lovely lady, with a heart of gold, who has been helping us for months now. She really does not deserve this. Why does this happen to good people? Why do the rotten pieces of low life always manage to get away with things?

On a slightly upbeat note, just heard that my neighbour is in a stable condition, so we're just praying that she can get thru the next 24 hours. I knew something terrible was on the cards, had a horrible dream the other night, then I woke up, as I was just settling back to sleep I heard someone cry out... it wasn't coming from outside, I knew it was in the room and that it meant something bad.

Mum said she wanted to get out, so I offered to take her to the local garden centre, which usually has a fantastic Christmas display. Then as it got near the time to leave, mum slipped into self pity mode. Well I wasn't going to have that, so told her to get ready as she was going out! She enjoyed herself in the end, and managed to get a few Xmas presents, so that made her feel better. Hopefully when she gets her walker she'll feel a bit more confident about going out.

Wouldn't mind hitting rewind and going back 7 days, this time last week was about to go off for a nice curry. And I'd had a really good day in the workshop.

Hope your weekend so far has been good.

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Cazzy said...

Here that Cass woman, the red is a bit full on, my eyes haven't recovered from it yet!

Sending positive thoughts to your neighbour, how awful she should fall ill now.

Cazzy xxx