Sunday, 21 December 2008

If only I were organised...

But I ain't, so there is no photo... there was supposed to be one, a new card. However, new card is in kitchen, I am in bedroom, knee is sore so... will post it tomorrow - but it will be worth the wait!

Got back to some crafting today. Had to make a christmas card, last one! But had been waiting for a kit to arrive from a friend, a kanban kit, art deco... gorgeeeeous! Just what I wanted for the intended recipient. Tho it was dead simple to make, just press out stuff, bit of silicon glue... but did add more glitter glue and some jewels.

Also did some scrapping. Found photo of brother with grandson, both looking up at La Princess, the big spider that graced our city for a few days. Tis a lovely photo, just need to finish off page. Once again it sort of just evolved, had in mind some spiders webs, which i did with a silver glitter pen, but then made a frame for photo using blue mirri card, had the then daft idea to use some thread to make two more webs... but it worked. Once I have figured out what is missing, so I can finish it, will post a pic. Not sure what it needs, but it needs summat. Got some other photos of the spider, so I'll do a two page spread.

Nice to be crafting again. Seems like ages since I sat down and did any, well anything other than Xmas card making. Looking forward to tonights launch of Craft day, just hope the TSV whets my appetite.

And it is the 20th anniversary of Lockerbie... I clearly remember that night, was half watching TV when the news flash came on and they said about the crash, then came the pictures. A terrible thing... and it is my nephew's birthday, I am sure he is by now six sheets to the wind...

Well see you all tomorrow, hopefully i will have chosen my Christmas presents from the craft day!

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