Friday, 12 December 2008

wind must have changed!

From being a moaning minny my mum was transformed into Mother Teresa! Dunno whether she'd had a think about what she'd been saying, and about how she'd been behaving, but today she was much nicer to be around.

Good thing as my poorly knee was very sore, the worst its been since accident. The pain is all where the wires and pins are. Mind you I've been pretty busy all week, doing a lot of walking. So today was slob day, didn't budge a toe over door.

Found out when funeral is, next Wednesday, the day I had appointment at hospital, so changed it, receptionist asked why I wanted to cancel... so I said, she was very sympathetic, then she asked if I could manage to go on Monday afternoon. Suits me, get the thing out of the way, it is a bone scan, just cos I bust two limbs they need to know if I've got osteporosis. I doubt if I have, fell over last year and just bounced. Still since they are offering. Also got physio appointment and then OH appointment at work. So a busy week. Frankly don't feel like going to any of them.

Really gloomy day as well weather wise, typical, we get the chance to see meteor shows and a big full moon and so of course it is cloudy!

Had a dabble day, that is just dabbled with crafty stuff, doing a bit of this and a bit of that. Waiting on a kit coming from a friend, hope it comes soon!

Have a good weekend, and stay warm

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