Monday, 8 December 2008

Taken as red...

Yeah, tis a bit 'red' on here... maybe I should put up a warning to wear a pair of sunnies! Well it is staying like this, a blog should be suitably decked for Xmas.

Bit of a blah day, tho encountered two dizzy types that made me laugh... first was at Halfords, had to go get an new ariel for car (some dimwit plonker thinks it funny to steal car ariels... sad or what?). At cash desk encountered a very dizzy young lady, who was delightful in her dizziness, she made me smile, which is just what I needed. Did I care that the transaction took a bit longer than necessary, nope, cos she was just so nice and so friendly. Then later on had to ring up mobility firm about a problem with order, got another young dizzy type who made me giggle, she kept on apologising, and I kept on telling her not to worry. I knew the order would run into problems, as would another order, my credit card company sent me new card that starts in Jan 09, but assured me I could activate it now and use it... oh yeah.... I think NOT!

Was hoping to bring more good news of neighbour, but sadly I can't. In fact news is grim, her daughter dropped by tonight, sadly the news wasn't good at all and came as a shock. Neighbour had been, or seemed to be doing well over weekend, but doctors today said they'd done all they could, tho she is still in ITU so they must think there is some hope, they wouldn't waste a bed on her otherwise. We're all praying like mad... not sure how mum will be affected if the worst comes to the worst... so that can't happen, there has to be some justice in this lousy world and all I am asking for is for my neighbour to come home safe and sound.

Getting a bit cold in here, can't cope with weather swings, one minute it is mild and raining, next it is icicle weather! Mother Nature must be going thru her menopause, well it would explain 'global warming', just think of them as hot flushes!

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