Thursday, 4 December 2008

Decked my blog!

Since I can't dec the flat then thought I'd dec my blog. Which means I'll have to put on all my favourite blogs again.... bother! But at least is is now festive looking.

Been a yuck day weather wise, cold, rain, sleet, hail... and blowing a gale. But no snow. Good thing really, can't cope with slippy stuff.

But got some things to look forward to, Xmas dinner with workmates next week, the not so nice stuff: got to go for a bone scan! Seems cos I fractured my knee I am thought to be at risk of osteoporosis, dumb really cos the patella isn't a bone, but cartilage. Still it will give someone something to do I guess. Have also settled xmas arrangements, I am staying in my own home, and knickers to everyone. I've had to appease family for long enough, thought it high time I put my good foot down firmly. So I will be here, enjoying peace and quiet, eating when I like, drinking what I like and generally just doing what I like! They all think i am being unsociable, but frankly I don't much care, I've had it with being sociable in strange houses for the last 20 odd years... I mean why do we have to always up sticks and get on the move?

Finished off some cards, made a stash of emergency Xmas cards... so now have the daunting task of writing the list out.... sigh... :-( Will get stamps tomorrow and try my bestest t get them all on their way.

Pic is of hotel I stayed in at the weekend... the frost has sort of lifted, the day before it looked like an Xmas scene.

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