Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas!

For all the young at heart there is just one more sleep to go. For the rest of us... the madness will soon be over. Our local radio phone in seemed to have attracted all the bah humbug types today, one chap going on about it not being a Christian festival... that it was a pagan festival, well he was right, just that the Church decided that if they couldn't beat em (the pagans) they may as well attach their celebrations to the pagan festival. But who cares, and who needs nit pickers?

Went out for lunch, roads were bonkers, but pub was quiet. Thought it would be busier, had a lovely beef and ale pie. On way back we stopped off at garden centre to see if we could pick up a plant... but they had nowt left! The place was deserted, save for one sad looking chap with a santa hat on.

Just been tracking santa here with my young nephew, who astutely asked if Santa would be okay over Afghanistan... sad really for such a young boy to think like that. I said he would, that everyone likes Santa. Then Santa paused for 4 minutes, nephew wondered what he was doing, so I says that he was just giving the reindeer some carrots to keep them going. Phew. Nephew has now gone home, to bother his dad all evening!

So that's it, build up is over, anti climax is to come. Christmas is what we make it... so make it a wonderful day. The merriest and most magical of Christmases to you all...

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