Saturday, 20 December 2008


Ugh, what a day, very grey, very misty and mizzly... that horrible fine rain that just keeps on a coming down. Yuck.

Had nice surprise in post, in fact it was postie who woke me up at 9.40 a.m., thank goodness for intercoms... brilliant, just press a button and door opens. Well beats hobbling down stairs. Didn't think I'd slept that long, tho I was really warm and snug.

But wondered where to go, well within my limited driving distance. Decided to risk driving to Southport, to Dobbies, they have a smallish (very small) craft section. It is a garden centre, so thought it might be all Chrismassy. Which is was, well sort of, tho they seemed to be in the process of dismantling most of it! Surely they could leave it till after Xmas? I at last found my advent candle.... too late for this year, but will put it away for next. I prefer the candles to the calendars, something nice about burning a candle for a few minutes every day. Dragged mum with me, she wasn't going to go, then said she would, then said she would just sit in car... managed to persuade her to have a walk round Dobbies. It was a bit like pulling teeth, but I knew that if she didn't get out today then she'd only start moaning tomorrow about being stuck in.

But craft section was even smaller than I remembered, hardly anything in it, well decent craft stuff. It is somewhat half hearted on their part, can't help thinking that if they got a proper craft shop going it would do well. So I managed to buy - some card stock! That was it, nothing else worth having. Did get some other non crafty bits, a pressie for my nephew, a pair of night vision goggles... I'm sure he'll have fun with those and annoy his dad! Plus two other presents. At till I found I had somehow managed to spend £45! Drive home was nice, it was getting dark, so people had begun to switch on their tree lights and other decorations, so we did some Xmas lights spotting... tho there isn't as many as last year. But it does feel magical, seeing the lights in windows... my favourite is just to see a Xmas tree with plain white lights... just twinkling gently.

Oh well there is a craft day on QVC starting at midnight tomorrow. Will have fun, mum has said I can go bonkers, she is paying. Yeah I know it won't arrive for Xmas, but it will come between the Day and New year, so I'll have lots to look forward to. Xmas is usually a let down anyway, sorry but it is. I always find the day to be an anti climax, all that build up and... dunno, like we are waiting for something big to happen and it just never does. Oh it does for the children, so maybe it is just us cynical adults.

My favourite Xmas song is: Greg Lake's 'I believe in Father Christmas' , seems to sum it all up beautifully.

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