Thursday, 11 December 2008

it didn't take long...

For me to feel like losing my temper with my mother. I could hardly believe what I was hearing tonight, my mum supposedly muttering to herself saying: can't wait to go away, I'll enjoy being waited on, being pampered! Oh what a cruel daughter I am, leaving my mother to peel 3 potatoes, empty a pack of pre-prepared veg into pan and put in a couple of frozen toad in the holes into oven. Anyone would have thought she was making the meal from scratch, and believed me to be one idle so and so. Well yesterday after putting up the decorations, I then dusted everywhere, vacuumed flat, and did a bit of carpet cleaning, just spot cleaning, about all I could manage on one crutch. So flat looked really nice. I'd cooked dinner night before, and night before that. I'd been out getting a few bits of food shopping, even tho walking is ruddy painful, had posted her cards, my cards, put out a few bags of rubbish, meaning several trips up and downstairs, ordered big shop on line, and ordered some clothes on line for her. So you can see how utterly selfish I am. Oh, I also put her walker thing together! Yep, on one crutch, opened up box, managed to get walker out, found other parts and put it all together for her so it would be a nice surprise. Did I get a thankyou, did I hell. Big bro turns up today, says he was thinking about taking her shopping... and suddenly she is oh so grateful... what am I, a mug?

See this is where my neighbour came in, she would see what was happening, and when I wasn't around gently remind mum just how much I was doing. Anyone would think all I had was a twisted ankle, in fact I have a pulped kneecap. No matter what I do, how many exercises I try I just can't get it to work properly. I thought by now that I'd be able to walk to high street, usualy a 15 min walk, in healthier times. Today I managed to get to corner shop, was thinking that perhaps I could try walking to high street tomorrow, but on way back knee began reminding me why such thoughts were silly. It is like walking with a load of glass in your shoe, every step is painful. And I come back to a moaning mum... grrrrrrr.

I personally can't wait for her to go to my sister's, so I can have some peace and quiet.

Sorry it has been such a moan... I did start to put together another exploding box, very involved this time, lots of use of peel offs and gel pens. Got another busy day tomorrow. Tho may just head towards a craft shop...

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