Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Yay, Santa came!

Well okay, a courier came this morning with my Xmas present! Yippee... summat to do! It was the TSV from last week, glad I listened to my inner voice and got it when I did, as it sold out pretty fast. It is a fab kit, but then it is Kanban and they are top rate.

What I like about it tho is that it has loads in it, so you can quickly make up the cards as they are, or do your own thing. Like I did with these two, used a trifold card as the base, then mixed and matched some toppers and card.

Going to make up the whole lot, plus what I can make and have a bash at a craft fair. Well needs must, I can't do my cleaning job, and need to find some extra cash. I want 2009 to be a positive year, I know I've got some negative stuff to come, mainly involving my health, the knee and it would appear I have osteporosis. Just got called to the fracture reduction clinic... it is the follow up to my bone scan. Anyway, time I think to start getting serious in the crafting department, had plans for this year, but too much got in the way.

Also want to learn reiki properly, a friend gave me some on my weekend away, I felt so much better afterwards. Then I was on Amazon buying some crissie pressies and needed to spend another £5 to qualify for free shipping, so into my mind popped the word: Reiki. So bought a book about it. Funny I was reading it the other night and it said you don't find reiki, it finds you. Seems like it has.

And today was a nice day. My TSV arrived first thing, then my mechanic brought my car back and he'd washed it! Well got the junior to give it a wash and brush up, even vacummed inside. Next my neighbour asked if I drank white wine, silly question! Next thing he pops back inside and comes back with bottle of wine that someone had given him, he doesn't drink the stuff, so he gave it to me. I've asked the angels to protect my little car.... so nice to have her back in her parking slot and looking all shiny.

Well one more day of this blasted year to go... can't wait to see the back of it.

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Blimey said...

Oh Cass, I'm sorry to hear about the osteoporosis. At least now that they know it is there, appropriate steps can be taken though (no pun intended).

Great idea about making up the cards to sell though. Your Robo can come into it's own!