Sunday, 28 December 2008

May they rot in hell

As a young kid I knew some scallies, but they were harmless, the mischeif they got up to hurt no-one. More usually they'd end up doing themselves some damage, the odd twisted ankle, sprained wrist. But today's youth, well some of them... I despair of. All they wish to do is get drunk, then go smash things. They never once think about the harm and heartbreak they cause.

If I ever learn who smashed my rear car window he'd better be fleet of foot, cos I will do him severe damage. I just wish him one thing: karma.

It was not the start to the day I wanted. I'd again slept in, after a really strange dream. Keep on having very vivid dreams. Bleary eyed I went to the kitchen, looked down to check car, as always do and saw the rear window had been smashed. I couldn't sum up any feelings, just felt numb. It was just more evidence of this crap year. How I long for 2008 to be over. I managed to get some bin bags to put over it, not a very good job, but then I was balancing on one leg. My neighbour came out, and of course does he think of offering to help me... no. He's a nice chap, and if asked he will do stuff, but you have to ask! I mean it was bloody obvious I needed help! Frankly I don't give a damn what happens now... bring it on, I am at the bottom of the ladder, couldn't get any lower.

I managed to finish off the page I'd been working on since Boxing Day, of Maureen, my neighbour, friend and soul mate. God how I needed her this morning! Had no idea what to do, so just let the page evolve. Chose some plain pink card, then found some spring paper, she was born in April. I tore that to act as a mat, then found my flowers, so went bonkers, added some vellum butterflies, then some silver strings of butterflies, added the ribbon and for no reason other than I wanted to, added some eyelets... big bite is great for setting the small ones, far better than the cropadile. Felt sad making the page. Will have to show it to Pam, and ask if she'd like me to make her a scrapbook of her mum, it would be my great pleasure.

Feel like getting drunk... but don't like hangovers! And need to be up early tomorrow to get my mechanic to come get car and repair it.

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