Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A tribute

This is to my wonderful neighbour and friend Maureen, who sadly passed away this morning. She has been my neighbour for some 20 odd years, and has been a bloody good neighbour. We've shared much laughter and a few tears.

This year she became my guardian angel when mum's hip operation went badly wrong. Nothing was too much trouble for her, she kept my spirits up and was a listening ear when I needed one. One day I came home and found a bunch of flowers, I assumed they were for mum, then I read the card, they were for me, from Maureen. She called me her 'little mate' We always had a laugh on the drive up to the hospital, and lit up our ciggies in unison on the way home. When mum came home from hospital Maureen was there, helping me and chivvying mum to get going, she was the one who got her outside, who helped to get her walking, and got all the stuff sorted out from social services. I really don't know how I would have coped without her, she was my rock.

Then when I had my accident she was there again, looking after mum, and then me when I came home. She always went that extra mile for us.

Maureen, I know you'll be watching over me, thank you for all you did... you will never know how indebted I will be to you. Goodnight my friend...

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Cazzy said...

Oh Cass, I had missed this, but had to look back when I read your New Year Eve entry.

So sorry that this lovely lady has gone, it has clearly devastated you.

Cazzy xx