Sunday, 7 December 2008

A sunny Sunday

Well the weather did not match my mood. I kept on thinking back to last weekend, similar weather, but different place. Funny to think last Sunday I woke up at 6 a.m., and was trying to sneak round room to get to loo, hard to do when you are hobbling and on a crutch, then my friend shocked me with a: Good morning! So we had a cuppa, other friend roused, asked what time it was, when told she groaned and rolled over! We had our cuppa and tried to snooze, but fat chance, we were both awake. I peeked out of window, and saw the hard frost, brrrrr.... and got back into bed. So we nattered until it was a decent time to get up, then we went off for breakfast, a full English... delicious! It was all there, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, eggs, bacon, sausages... hang on, there was no black pudding! Plus toast, tea and if we wished a selection of fresh fruit and cereal. And we enjoyed a very hearty breakfast.

This morning was a tad different, same wake up time, 6 a.m., but just me, wondering whether to get up or roll over... got up and made some porridge. Just needed something comforting. Still worrying over neighbour, fortunately the news was good, she had a peaceful night, plus she'd also had a small grumble... a sure sign that you feel better when you start moaning. They're keeping her in ITU as a precaution, another good sign, tho it is the best place for her to be.

Just got feedback form from workshop, mmm, intriguing questions, tho I never know how to fill these darn things in. I know our training lot do act on the feedback forms, but there is always that niggling feeling... I enjoyed the workshop, but as usual once there is some distance between the event then you can judge things a bit more clearly. Just felt there was too much time spent on one thing, and that the workshop was pretty much a free flow event. That is it was left up to leader as to what happened, we had no idea as no timetable or agenda had been handed out. Feel a bit miffed, on second day leader of workshop singled me out and said she wanted to work with me one on one, I felt flattered, but was also looking forward to it. Sadly it didn't happen... and I hate that! I hate being told to expect something and then it never happens. If I promise to do something then I do my damndest to fulfil my promise, and if I can't then I feel thoroughly rotten.

Now to photo. I picked up a mag in Smiths, Vintage Cards, bit like LMC, it came with nearly all the stuff to make a few vintage Xmas cards. So settled down today and made a few of them. A lot of the kit will make great ATCs. But enjoyed making the vintage look, tho it ain't usually my thing.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


Cazzy said...

I will have to look out for that one Cass as I have a voucher for which I sell my soul every week, BTW my eyes are still twanging from the red and white again!

Glad to hear neighbour is a bit more herself.

Cazzy xx

bubblegum said...

Hi Cass - glad to hear your freind is making a receoveery. :) :) Mmmm a good bowl or hot porrige - you can't beat it eh! warms the cockles of your heart. :)

Thanks for the sweet comment you left about my new challenge blog. :) :)