Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Oooh, there's snow on the way!

Well snow, ice do not agree with a busted knee and a crutch! So I'm housebound. Looked out on my little red car today from kitchen, she was covered in ice... as was pavement... so no hope of me getting anywhere near her. Was same at weekend, hotel had gritted main pathways, but still left some rather slippy. Actually I only had one gripe, they had a disabled access door, which had a push button on inside to open door, fine, but no button on outside and doors were rather heavy to push open! Plus outside was decked, so it was ultra slippy with the frosty conditions.

So now awaiting the snow, if we get any. We don't get snow here very often, conditions have to be very bad. And the forecast is usually wrong for our neck of the woods. So I will see what I wake up to in the morning. Hoping that any snow will all be gone by lunchtime. Yes it looks very pretty, but it is hazardous. Okay if you have two fully working legs, I've only got one functioning leg, other just refuses to stop complaining. Busted knee leg is also very lumpy, and not at all nice to touch... loose screw is visible for all to see, am I expected to put up with that? I think not. They can either tighten it or take it out.

Had a Christmas card blitz today, sat down at 2pm and went at it, had 12 cards to make, all involving stamping and embossing, plus matting and layering. Got myself organised, cut out the mats, did the stamping, embossing.... then put all 12 cards together, then made another 6 cards, for emergencies... will be making more tomorrow. Some still need some colouring in. Was knackered by end of it all. And covered in red, green and silver embossing powder... very sparkly!

Think I will be finishing off all cards tomorrow, want to get ont with other stuff, have more exploding boxes to make... and want to move onto my scrapbooking. Now need to locate tall bloke who is willing to go into loft and get out decs... any offers?

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