Friday, 19 December 2008

The not so gentle sound of water lapping

Think I've just experienced the world's slowest plumber.... he was a nice enough chap, very tidy, didn't leave a mess but... oh boy.... did he outstay his welcome! Or maybe it is us, we attract the freaky workmen, chap that came to fit intercom was very, very weird...

But back to plumber. He came last week to examine damage to bath, a small horseshoe sized crack... and then said he'd be back today to fix it. Fair enough... so today he arrives, just after 9.30, to measure bath... er why didn't he do that last week? So he measures bath, then goes off to get it. Comes back, now he starts to turn off water, only he can't find right stop cock... or so he says. I leave at 10.30 for an appointment. Come back at noon, see waterboard at work in street, water gushing from mains... ooer, what has plumber done? Do I want to know, should i just do a u turn and go off for a drive? So tentatively I come back into flat, phew, all is normal, well except we have no bath and no plumber. Seems first new bath had scratch in it, which he didn't see till he'd fitted it, so he had to unfit it and take it back to get new one. He finally arrives back at 1.50, and so begins much banging, which went on and on and on and on, then a break, then he mucks around with fitting new valve on stop cock, but bath isn't fully in place and bathroom is still in a mess and we have no water... and I need the loo! 2.45, more banging, finally he switches back on water, but still hasn't put bathroom back together, but I do NEED the loo... think at that point he got the message, that he was no longer welcome. Oh we had offered him a cuppa, and a sandwich, which he turned down. But 6 hours to fit a bath! Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure it was the POETS day syndrome... that he was stretching it out so that it would be his one and only job for day. Oh it is a council flat, and so was being repaired by firm given contract to do all repairs, and boy do their workmen make a meal of things. So new bath is fitted, well sort of, he had the cheek to ask me to get the wide mastik tape to finish off the fitting... er, why should I be doing that! Well I won't, not in any fit state to do any DIY, so bro will.

Hey ho, a craft day to look forward to on Monday... bliss... mum has agreed to buy me anything I like from it. Wonder what the TSV will be? Hope it is something I absolutely desire. Had to think practically for the last few craft days, so have missed out on indulgences.

Well hope to get back to some crafting. My resolution for next year is to go back to a crafting blog... just can't wait for this ruddy year to come to an end.

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