Thursday, 25 December 2008

So that was Christmas

I've had a nice day. Had a lie in, a lovely creamy bowl of porridge to start the day. A few visitors, then sis came and whisked mum off leaving me on my own... BLISSSSSSSS!

Nowt like some peace and quiet. No this is not bah humbug, this is what I wished for. Want some to myself, just to chill out. I made my dinner, well it is just a Sunday lunch with a cracker. Why does everyone make such a song and dance of it? I bunged in me turkey breast, then the roasties, 20 mins to go, in went the stuffing and parsnips, 15 mins put chipolatas under grill, boiled water for sprouts.... and sat down to my meal at 1.45. And very nice it was... washed up and then had Xmas pud. Then watched the Queen. I know she means well but... dunno, it never rings totally true.

Been quiet round here, well a few drunks staggered past an hour ago, singing Jingle Bells... but neighbours all seem to be somewhere else. I just had a very lazy day, been watching a few films, and just seen Wallace and Gromit. And munching on chipolatas, quite like cold sausages... well tis only for one day of the year.

Now off for a nice cuppa and perhaps a mince pie.

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