Friday, 4 January 2008

3 candles, 3 souls, 3 prayers

I did some scrapping today as you can see. Tho when I took the photo of the 3 candles I never imagined the resonance they would take on.

The photo was just an idle snap of a table decoration, I actually lit the candles, something I had not done before. The photo was primarily for my scrap challenge page, an idea I had for a small (but beautifully formed and oh so comfy) Yahoo group I belong to. I'd planned today to scrap the photo, not imagining what meaning would come from it.

I've just had one of those weeks, when you know you are being silly and selfish, that you are stupidly worrying over nothing and that you should just get on with things. My jitters came from taking the plunge and ordering a new PC from Dell, a lot of money to spend, but I had it so why the heck was I worrying? Then along came my first reality check, just after I'd dithered and jittered over spending nearly £300 on a new PC, my phone rang, it was my neighbour, she'd just heard that her son had been diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer. I gave her what comfort I could, and gave myself a sharp talking to, as in: stop worrying about rainy days, live life and appreciate what you are given! Then it seemed someone thought I may need another reality check, just to reinforce the message, and so I got it today, when hearing that a friend and her family had endured the most horrendous Christmas, spending much of it by the bedside of their mother/grandmother as she lurched from crisis to crisis before finally succumbing to pneumonia last Saturday.

It has all made me wonder, why am I putting up with suffering at work, time to move on, go where I'll be happy. And possibly to get back in touch with a friend... Life is strange!

Did enjoy scrapping today, I never know how the page will turn out, tho last night in the wee small hours I did get the idea for my 'lights', how to string some lights across the page. I am not confident in drawing free hand, then at 2 a.m. had the idea of using one of my tearing rulers as a guide - a eureka moment I would have settled for at a more civilised hour - lol. But it worked, used a black embossing pen, then using the tearing ruler as the guide I drew my line and then sprinkled on some holographic powder, then added some gems to the line to act as a string of lights. I matted and layered the photo onto gold mirri card, but it needed a bit more oomph, so found some gold glittery card, cut that with my new cutter, using the scalloped edge, attached it with brads, wasn't that happy with the paper I was using, so chopped it up, cut some more strips of glittery gold card, with the scalloped edges, using an 12x12 insert as a backing sheet, arranged chopped up page on it, and strips, dug out some Xmas embellishents, added those but it needed a title... came up with Noel... then the brain began to grind, surely Noel could stand for something.... bit more grinding and:


Well 'he' brought light into the world, I was thinking of my neighour, and my friend and also my Dad, who died on 9th Jan 1987, 3 souls and 3 candles.

Had no idea what I would do with that photo when I took it mid December, had no idea that this week would be so sad... But that is why I love scrapbooking, it is a mystery, and adventure, you just never know where it will take you, or what emotions it will drag up.

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