Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A serendipity day

First my day, then I'll explain the scrap page. It was my day off, two in a row... could get very used to this! So there I was drying my hair and... doorbell... would it be, could it be... yes, courier - QVC parcel! By size of it I thought it had to be the scrapbook, so was busy making plans to scrap all day, opened box and... chipboard set! Hey ho. Still at least I have one bit of my order... hope courier returns tomorrow with rest of it.

So that was first nice surprise, next came in my mail box, with Kate telling me I'd won a years sub to Crafts Beautiful! I think Kate did send thru a e-mail on the forum reminding us of the comps, was in my 'I never win' moods at the time, but then altered it to 'you have to be in it to win it' so entered! So faith is restored, and I won £2 on a lotto instant win game - so that makes 2 wins, got my lotto ticket, dare I dare to dream.... If you hear a loud scream sometime tonight/tomorrow, well... What would I do with the money, first I'd pay for mum to have her hip replaced in a private hospital, sort out the family, buy a nice house, have my own craft room (bliss), organise dinner for my wonderful workmates who put up with me everyday, give them something... and investigate opening my own craft shop. Oh and organise for me, mum, my sister and my god-daughter to go to the Big Apple, mum has never been further than the Isle of Man... think it would be nice if she at least made it to another part of the world!

Dream over...

My scrapbook page... it was taken at Universal Studios in LA. On a very, very HOT day, about 96 degrees and counting. The holiday itself was enjoyable, once that is we'd got away from the people in the photo, well some of them, who were, well - not very nice people. Most of those in the photo were lovely, all American, but who were very warm and welcoming to us 3 Brits. That's me, Conny and Russell. We're somewhere in the photo. After the jolly pic was taken, everyone split up and went off to do their own thing, our 'thing' was in trying to cool down, we did go on the waterslide, the soaking at the end was a shock but also very welcome. Then for some reason we felt the need for cool beers.... which is why I prefer Universal over Disney, as the latter is as dry as a bone alcohol wise! Do remember that we ended up at some sort of 'hick' bar/restaurant near the entrance, I asked for a 'small' chicken salad... do they do SMALL in the USA? I got a giant bowl, luckily Russell was acting hoover upper... I did come back several pounds lighter on that holiday, and I ain't just talking money wise, but as in loss of weight!

The page tho was nice to scrap, I picked up a vacation scrap page kit from Smiths, got the palm tree from some clip art, the photo... not sure why, but I was going a phase of wanting to use my compass cutter, I just intended to put the lower bit of the photo on the page, but then as I was messing I thought - hmmmm that looks kinda good. I do like chopping up photos, then messing with the bits that are supposed to be left over. Love the lettering, have to try to replicate it with the robo.

Also made my swap card, but can't reveal it yet, person it is intended for knows about the blog so it would ruin the suprise! Tho it was a case of desperation, the theme was historical, make that hysterical (for me anyway). But I do enjoy the challenge of trying to put something together, gets me thinking outside the box, and away from the usual birthday cards. And half way thru my mothers day waterfall card. Just need the right phrase to finish it off...

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