Saturday, 5 January 2008

First Day of the newest stage in my life

Seemed like a good day to start, first took down all the decorations, then took myself off to the Papermill, I may have a lot of stash, but one can never have too much! Got some 12x12 card, one pack contains some gorgeous glittery card which will be perfick for some exploding boxes.

Then got on a sloooow bus home, but instead of getting all het up, I counted to ten, plugged myself into my ipod and watched the world pass by. What also cheered me up was a gorgeous baby, think she must have been nearly 18 months, but she was a chatty baby and waved goodbye to us all! And we, even the bus driver, waved back.

Got out my new stash, and set about scrapbooking my 2nd page of the challenge - Christmas Lights, much happier with this one, like the first one (well the sentiment behind it) but hated the paper, so I am going to rescrap it tomorrow, so it matches this page. I truly never know how any of my pages will turn out, I just stare at the photo, then at the card/paper, then go from there, it is often an interesting journey as I adapt, change and alter stuff. For example, I wanted the word 'Christmas' to be made up of alternate red and green letters, but.... only had two 's' one red and one green, so back to the drawing board and a new arrangement, but think it works. Also ran out of letters, so back to scrap pad, and found mini alphabet, l like mixing fonts, added a few gems (for the lights) and then began transforming the plain cream card into something a bit more interesting. Found some Xmas epoxy stickers, dunno why but started sticking them down one side of page, to give balance I guess to xmassy stickers on other side. Matted and layered photo using red mirri card, then offset the photo, added a bit of ribbon to hide the join between paper and card, and 07 and a page!

Now want to try making all the different versions I've so far seen of the exploding box. Seems t be one to suit every occasion. Got some birthdays coming up, family ones, not sure I'd risk sending the box thru the post! So have the opportunity, nice to break away from the usual card making.

Did get a few bargains in the Papermill, they had a 3 for 2 offer on sticky gems, and the double sided sticky tape was also on offer. Although I did buy more stash, I bought only what I really needed, I just don't have a good selection of 12x12 card, and the sticky gems needed to be replenished. Sticking to buying only what I need is one of my determinations, I was tempted by some stuff in Smiths, they had some large 12x12 paper pads, but I resisted as I have plenty of 12x12 paper.

Tomorrow got some more scrapping, and have to make a get well card.

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